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 Worship Services:

Sundays at 9:00 am
Sunday School and Coffee after services

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  1. Sunday school resumed on Sunday,Jan 11th. Sorry I didn’t get that posted earlier, Angelen fell on Friday and broke her humerus. I had no problems getting registered once I seen the registration button . Once I logged on ,I was brought right to this page.

  2. Hope to start painting the Sunday School rooms ( upstairs )Friday , July 10 th. probably around 10 am. Paint and primer is there. if possible bring trays,roller handles and brushes. and something to eat or drink. can start without me if any one wants to, all other supplies for painting are there

  3. I will be running a little late tomorrow, probably get to the chhurch around , to start the painting. If any gets there before me, go ahead and start. Thx , Kari

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